Music Catalog

‘A click track is the only friend I need,’ I always say … to myself.


What’s in this music catalog, you ask?

#1: catchy, inventive pop/rock

(these songs I would license, shop to other artists, or perform myself)

#2: adventures into reggae, R&B, jazz, Latin, EDM

(these are songs I would license or give to other artists)

#3: custom songs

(written for films, TV shows, commercials, skits, contests)

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Or, just check out my Top 10 Recordings below.

1. Day Job 

I rented a house in the middle of the desert near Joshua Tree, to be by myself for six weeks and record music. This was the first song I recorded, it relates to the freedom of that entire trip (the best six weeks of my life), and this song was a very meaningful breakthrough in my songwriting career over a decade ago (it was the dam breaking … many songs followed).

2. Do You Wanna Be My Bride?

My actual marriage proposal to my wife was very underwhelming. I wrote/recorded this song, in part, to atone for how bad it was. So the recording is full of love and sincerity, and I was also just proud that I managed to record something resembling blues, since that is a big stretch beyond my normal style.

3. I Guess I’m Done

This was the last song written for my crazy “14 songs in 28 days” binge for “Best Black History Month … Ever!” The piano part sounds obvious and familiar, yet new. The happy go-lucky instrumental groove towards the end reminds me of riding on Mister Rogers’ train. The final verse was originally about letting go of a creative project (rather than toiling in endless pursuit of perfection). However, it now has taken on a nice second meaning about mortality.

4. Life is a Funny Thing

Similar in sentiment to “Day Job”, this is what I want pop/rock to sound like. Give me riffs, give me hooks, give me stupidly esoteric allusions to Plato’s “Cave” allegory.

5. Dog After Tail

This is the first great recording I made as a soloist. The chorus and riff-rock make it a bit of a weird song, but the verses are pretty much nailing it.

6. For Her

Forever regarded by my close friends as the best song I’ve ever written, this song was about my first heartbreak at age 18. I was sick while I was writing it, so I always regret that my vocals don’t sound as snotty, congested, and weary as they were when I wrote it. Simple and pure, just like your first love and your first loss.

7. Wide Awake

The morning that I wrote this song, I emailed my girlfriend and said, “We’re gonna be alright”. I was so convinced it was a pop gem that I thought, “even if THIS song doesn’t make me money … the fact that I can write songs this catchy means that at SOME point I’ll make money”.  (still waiting) Similar sentiment to “Life is a Funny Thing”: life is too scarce and valuable to give in to feelings of boredom and depression.

8. Reductionism

Because fuck you, that’s why. I like that this is my version of punk rock. I wanted to write a million words about the “mind-body” problem in philosophy. I knew it would be nearly unlistenable, and yet, it actually turned out to be pretty jammin’ at certain spots. It also has some fun sounds I’ve never used elsewhere. The song/recording are a pretty perfect microcosm of “my music”.

9. I’m Broke

Following the Joshua Tree trip, I was SUPER broke. This coincided with the stock market crash of the Great Recession. I felt kinship with all the other people financially struggling and decided to go straight-Depression-era jazz to write an ebullient sorrow song to hopefully lift the spirits of broke people everywhere.

10. Finding Love in a Wasteland

I wrote lyrics for this a long time ago, but I finally wrote music/melody when I was staying at the Joshua Tree cabin, in the middle of a wasteland. The twinkling sound of the piano intro viscerally reminds me of the quiet stillness that surrounded that cabin. The opening / closing line, “I never should attempt to say the way you make me feel, cuz words are merely symbols and experience is real” is applicable to the ineffability of so many things.

Thank you so much for spending some time listening to my music!  (Check out some more right now!)