PatrickTyrrellTeacherPicHello! I’m Patrick.
I’m a songwriter.


I’ve released three full length albums as a soloist:
Never Gonna Have a Real Career
Best Black History Month Ever!
Joshua Tree Adjacent“.
(they kinda sound like Beatles / Ben Folds / Strokes)

I’ve also written / recorded many other songs, film cues, jingles, themes, and educational diddies.

Here’s the full music licensing catalog.


I’m also into laughing.

I have created a lot of humorous entities, including

I’m a writer, too, I guess.

See?  Told ya.  I wrote the shit out of that heading. Whoa, I’m still writing! You can’t stop him; you can only hope to contain him!

Well, that’s just what this website does: it contains ME.

You are alive.

Congratulations! I hope you’re largely enjoying it. Seems like our precious and fleeting window of existence overlaps somewhat.  Existence Buddies! But if it turns out that we’re NOT both alive, good news — I must be the one who’s dead!